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Binda learned about threading in Nepal where she saw the service being provided in a hair salon. Impressed by the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of threading, she taught herself how to thread. After moving to US in 2001, Binda was located in South Carolina where she started thinking about launching threading services to her friends and coworkers. Opening an impromptu salon at her house, Binda created a good clientele base in just her spare time.

Relocating to Connecticut in 2004, Binda worked in retail business in Trumball, CT. She decided to launch the threading business professionally this time and hence opened up a small cart in Trumball Mall, CT. Dev Lal Moktan, a popular artist and a family friend, contributed to set up and named her business.

A decade ago, threading was a relatively new concept in CT. Binda worked tirelessly to diversify the technique, explaining and convincing people. The concept slowly became popular, thanks to the natural technique and effectiveness of it. During this time, Binda trained many personnel as well as helped people understand this technique. GBS now has many locations in different states, and now is able to offer franchise.